Mega-Pixel 4 camera system at low cost

Budget CCTV
The cost of CCTV appears to have been vastly reduced in the last ten years, mostly due to the introduction of digital CCTV, and manufacturers in places like China and South Korea bringing down production costs. It does come down to that old saying - you get what you pay for - and this is invariably the case with cheap CCTV. There is an awful lot of cheap "tat" available to purchase on-line. A great many of our competitors install it.

Do Wakefield Security install Budget CCTV?
Well, Wakefield's have been installing CCTV for many years now. We have mostly stuck to the mid range and high end equipment, but we have dabbled with the budget end as there is quite a large market for these type of systems, especially with domestic and smaller commercial sites that do not have the funds for higher end products.

Our verdict on most budget CCTV
It is very difficult, in the electronics world, to make a budget product that will do everything and work as well as expensive product. There s always a compromise somewhere. If you are to lower the price this inevitably will reduce the quality. We have tested many of the cheaper CCTV systems over the years and concluded there are three main problems with budget CCTV as follows:

If you think about it, the main reason people buy CCTV is to record important incidents that happen on their property. There is no point in having a system where the quality of the recording is not good enough to identify the culprit or establish what went on. Lastly you need the system to be reliable, again if the system has not recorded important incidents then there is little or no point.

Because of the problems we found with off-the-shelf recorders, and the fact that there is a large market for budget CCTV, we decided to produce our own budget system.

So what is different about our Mega-Pixel Budget CCTV system?
By building our own budget system we have much more control over the quality of components.

We discovered the parts that mainly failed with budget recorders were the hard disc drive and the power supply. The most reliable component was the motherboard, and Linux based software seemed to be the most reliable. Therefore we built our recorder using a readily available motherboard and software.

We used a slightly more expensive power supply, and used the same reliable hard disc drives that we use in our premium recorders. We still used a cheap case, we though the places to save money were the unimportant ones, the case houses the product, and why spend money unnecessarily on something that will not affect the way that the recorder worked, it is a budget product after all.

Currently, nearly all budget off-the-shelf recorders are analogue, meaning that the maximum resolution that they can handle is D1 720 x 480. This means that no matter how high the resolution of the camera that you are using you will only get D1 recordings, and so a Sony Effio 800TVL 960H camera, for example, will only be recorded at 720 x 480, in spite of its high resolution. Therefore we decided that if we were to produce a budget machine we needed to make one that can handle a higher resolution than the highest analogue cameras. We concluded that the best solution would be a network recorder. This way we could use mega pixel cameras providing much higher resolution than analogue recorders.

The end result is that we have put a complete system together, along with our 1.3 mega pixel Sony Silicon vandal dome cameras. The end result is a reliable budget machine that can provide high quality mega pixel recordings. That beats any of our competitors' budget systems hands down. It is still a budget system and does not have all of the features that our high end recorder has, but it does exactly what most people want from a CCTV system, and is twice the resolution of any analogue system.

The price is £1,200* inc. vat for a four camera Mega-Pixel Budget CCTV system - installed. Price includes remote viewing and smart-phone app.

*In some unusual circumstances the installation of the equipment might not be straightforward, for instance, where a building is very large, in which case an additional charge would be made. This will always be established before any work commences.

Compare the quality below....

The first picture is a digitally zoomed in shot from our Mega-Pixel Budget CCTV System

The following is a digitally zoomed in shot from a standard 800TVL analogue budget camera

Click for more impressive examples of our Mega-Pixel Budget System.

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