This is a clip taken from a standard 700TVL camera - the type of camera you would normally get for a budget price - as sold by our competitors. Peter is holding a number plate with 2 digits blanked off (for security). We have also blanked off number plates of other cars and a passer-by in the following shots.

Below is the same view taken by our Mega Pixel camera - the extra width is due to the increased number of pixels per inch (PPI)

Below is another shot from the standard budget camera, using the electronic zoom facility. The quality of picture becomes very grainy and detail is severely impaired. Your typical Crime Watch picture.

We did the same thing with our Mega Pixel camera and the loss of quality is negligible.  The digital zoom feature is included in our package, and can be invaluable for close-up identification.

You would normally expect to pay much more for such quality, but surprisingly, our Mega Pixel cameras cost less than standard cameras.